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Increase Adsense Revenue in 9 New Working Ways!!!

Most people step into the field of blogging with the hope of making a good amount of money. Adsense is one of the best way to generate a good amount of revenue from your website.increase adsense revenue 85x120 Increase Adsense Revenue in 9 New Working Ways!!!Signing up for the adsense program and getting approved itself is a tiresome task for the newbie’s. But after making some good traffic and having a good site design they get approved. But the upcoming issue will be regarding the revenue generated from their site.
Getting a huge amount of traffic wont always give you more income from adsense. It is necessary to adopt some good adsense optimization techniques to get more revenue from your website. So here are some best ways you can adopt to increase income from adsense ads. These are some ideas i have put together from my experience.

1) Best Adsense Ad Placements

To generate good revenue from your website it is very necessary to place the adsense ads properly.
  1. One of the best positions to place adsense units is below the post title. Chances are high for the ads below the post title (above the post) to get more clicks than the ads placed below the post content and thus you can increase the adsense revenue by placing the ads at the right positions. Basically i am using this method for my site and is still the best working ad position for me. But this might not always work for all, though most of the blogs follow this method of placement of adsense ads

  1. Another good position is placing the ads on the sidebar, just right to the post heading. I came to know about this from many popular bloggers such as amit agarwal. It is said that the users eyes follows an “F” pattern while reading the site. So the ads at the sidebar have a good CTR ratio.
  2. I have published a post on How To Find the Best Adsense Format For Your WebSite . You can take a look at it. Some methods like testing different adsense formats at same time etc are explained in the post. Proximity of the ads to the post content determines the CTR ratio to some extent.

2) The Size Does Matter- Ad Size

People use different type of ad formats in their sites. But below are the most commonly used units which also have good CTR ratio.
  1. 336×280 large rectangle
  2. 300×250 medium rectangle – These two units works best under the post title and also in the sidebar if placed near to contents such as Popular posts, about authour, recent posts etc. If you have a good subscription box at the top of sidebar its better to place it under it.
  3. 160×600 wide skyscraper (in the left sidebar). Place this adsense unit next to the elements that get more attention like categories.
  4. Another successful format is the 728 x15 horizontal ad links, that can be placed under your navigation bar.
1. and 2. are the best units to increase your adsense revenue.

3) The Adsense Ad Font

If you are using very small fonts in the adsense ad units, then its time to Change the Adsense Fonts.
Fonts like Verdana + Big size works best. You can refer the above link on how to change the font in your adsense ad units.

4) Color is a Key Factor

Most of us wont give more consideration for the colors used in the ad units. But it does matter a lot. I have seen drastic improvements in the ctr ratio when i have changed the colors inside the ad units.
Its always good to blend your site colors to match the ad colors.
  • background color – background color of your web site.
  • border color = background color of your web site
  • link color or Tilte = #0000FF#000080#000069 and color of your links. These colors works best to get more revenue from adsense ads. I use the darkviolet #000080 ad color unit and it works best for me. But it might be some times the #000069 color that might work for you. You need to test out the units for a week time to see which color format yields the max CTR from the adsense ads.
  • url color = black, #999999
  • text color = black, #333333, color of your main content

i have use light colors (#999999 and #AAAAAA) for the text and url units.

5) Adsense For Feeds

Most of us go unnoticed about the adsense for feeds option when creating the ad units. You can increase adsense revenue if you can embed adsense into the feeds. You will get more revenue if you have a good reader base for your site (subscribers).
The Adsense for feeds option can be accessed from the Get ads option in the adsense page.
adsense for feeds settings Increase Adsense Revenue in 9 New Working Ways!!![image credits- Shoutmeloud]
Also make sure you have moved your feedburner feeds to your google account. It always good to place the ads below the feeds for better reader experience. Making the ads more aggressive may some time make the people unsubscribe from your feed.

6) Remove Distracting elements

When ever you place an adsense ad unit, make sure there are no distracting elements near to it. Advertisements from other companies, Flashy Banners etc too reduce the CTR ratio. These flashy ads can thus result in reducing your adsense income.

7) Getting Relevant Adsense Ads

The CTR (Click Thru Ratio) ratio will increase if ads displayed are closely related to the content in your website. In most cases elements in the sidebar, footer etc influences the ads. So it is important to display the right advertisements to get more revenue.
For this you can adopt the technique of section targeting. Section targeting ensures that the adsense ads are displayed in accordance with the post content.

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