Saturday, 10 September 2011

How To Make Money Online, Understanding CPM Vs CPC

Make MoneyIf you have ever tried to earn some revenue from your blog or websites then chances are that you have already come across the words like CPC,CPM andCPA. Online Advertising is growing very fast and every one is after a share of this advertisement revenue pie.To make sure that you get the best out of your investment it’s quite necessary that you are well aware of various forms of online advertisements.

Friday, 9 September 2011

A Step-by-Step Guide to Better Keywords: Understanding Match Type in Google Keywords Tool

Choosing keywords is one of the most important ingredients in a successful content marketing campaign.
What is Google Keyword Tool ?
Well Google Keyword Tool is a set of online tools provided by Google itself to help webmasters search and use the best suited keywords for their Blog Posts. This helps Google and other search engines to better index your blogs.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

How To Easily Find the Best Adsense Format For Your WebSite

Which adsense format is the best for my website ? Which color scheme should i use to get maximum CTR for adsense ads? Does the 336×280 ad format or the 330×250 rectangle ad format works the best? What can i do to get maximum Click Thru Ratio for my adsense ads?
Google Adsense Simultaneously How To Easily Find the Best Adsense Format For Your WebSiteThese are the questions that runs through every webmasters mind when they are concerned about the money from adsense. Most of the new adsense publishers finds it difficult at the initial stage selecting the best adsense format that works for their website. Professional adsense publishers or webmasters advice to keep on experimenting with different adsense formats in your website. But, this takes a lot of time and effort. So, how about testing different adsense formats in your website at the same location simultaneously but randomly? Yes that’s what the professionals do. It seems quite logical too. If you didn’t get the point correctly, then take a look at this example.

How to Protect Your Google Adsense Ad Code From Unauthorised Usage

 How to Protect Your Google Adsense Ad Code From Unauthorised Usage
Genuine adsense publishers sometimes get banned from adsense due to the reason that they are using their adsense ads on websites that does’t comply to Google Adsense Terms and Conditions. But the publishers may not have actually done that. Their adsense code could have been used by somebody for testing purposes or so on some other websites. When google get a report that adsense is used in websites that doen’t comply to their terms and conditions they will ban them. This can be avoided by following a very simple step. Here is what you have to do.

Go to Adsense Website.
Login with your user name and Password.
Now go to the Adsense Setup Tab.
Under that go to Allowed Sites.
Type in the website you are using Adsense.
If you use blogspot blog and if you add the adsense widget from it you should also in the Allowed Sites List.
That’s it.I really appreciate your comments. Post a comment and share your opinions.

Monday, 8 August 2011

21 Facts About The Internet You Should Know

NOT REALLY! But if you have a few minutes to waste, you might find some of these Internet Facts mildly amusing.
21 Facts About The Internet You Should Know You probably use it every day but how well do you know your Internet? Ever wonder how all this foolishness got started in the first place and why? How big it really is? How many present users there are? The average time spent on a website? Here are 21 facts you might or might not want to know about the Internet. 1. Who coined the phrase 'World Wide Web'? Tim Berners-Lee in 1990. He's also considered by most people as the person who started the whole thing rolling. 2. How did the Internet Start and Why? It all started with the time-sharing of IBM computers in the early 1960s at universities such as Dartmouth and Berkeley in the States. People would share the same computer for their computing tasks. The Internet also received help from Sputnik! After this Russian Satellite was launched in 1957, President Eisenhower formed ARPA to advance computer networking and communication.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

How to increase Targeted Traffic

After your created your website (or blog) and optimized your Adsense, the next and perhaps the most important thing is to attract targeted traffic. Targeted traffic means visitors who come to your site because of genuine interest in the content you provide, not merely by accident. Such kind of visitors will probably search further and are more likely to click on your ads.

So you need to make your site visible to the people who are looking for the content you provide. Some of the common ways people find your site are:
  • By search by keywords on search engines such as Google and Yahoo: If you optimized your site properly, Search Engine Traffic can be fairly targeted and can produce good value for Adsense publishers. As they are searching for your content, these visitors can spend time on your site and explore further by clicking on related Ads.
  • Links on similar sites: If you manage to have your site linked from other websites that provide similar content as that of yours, these links can directly produce a highly targeted traffic. More over such links can increase your Page Rank, and increase the sites popularity on search results. So this helps in two ways.

Things to do for increasing Traffic:

So you should be doing the following to have your site visible to the users.
  • Keyword Optimization: Keyword optimization is an important task you have to do to make your content searchable for your keywords on search engines. For more information about keyword optimization see the article: Optimizing Keywords for Adsense

When Do I Get Paid Using Google Adsense?

Google Adsense pays you approximately 30 days after the end of the month in which you become eligible to receive payment. You become eligible for payment only when your Adsense account reaches at least $100.00. Suppose, for example, you started in January and at the end of the month you had not yet accumulated $100.00 in your Google Adsense account. You would then need to wait and see if your January and February earnings combined equal $100.00. If they do, you would be paid approximately 30 days after the end of the month of February, that is, you could expect payment near the end of March.
Another good reason to also use Adsense for Search is that you get to combine the earnings to reach the $100.00 payout minimum. So if your earnings for Adsense for Content do not reach $100.00 in time for the current payout, but when combined with your Adsense for Search earnings they do meet the payout minimum, you will be paid accordingly.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Increase Adsense Revenue in 9 New Working Ways!!!

Most people step into the field of blogging with the hope of making a good amount of money. Adsense is one of the best way to generate a good amount of revenue from your website.increase adsense revenue 85x120 Increase Adsense Revenue in 9 New Working Ways!!!Signing up for the adsense program and getting approved itself is a tiresome task for the newbie’s. But after making some good traffic and having a good site design they get approved. But the upcoming issue will be regarding the revenue generated from their site.
Getting a huge amount of traffic wont always give you more income from adsense. It is necessary to adopt some good adsense optimization techniques to get more revenue from your website. So here are some best ways you can adopt to increase income from adsense ads. These are some ideas i have put together from my experience.

1) Best Adsense Ad Placements

To generate good revenue from your website it is very necessary to place the adsense ads properly.
  1. One of the best positions to place adsense units is below the post title. Chances are high for the ads below the post title (above the post) to get more clicks than the ads placed below the post content and thus you can increase the adsense revenue by placing the ads at the right positions. Basically i am using this method for my site and is still the best working ad position for me. But this might not always work for all, though most of the blogs follow this method of placement of adsense ads

Change Fonts in Google Adsense Ads (New Feature!!!!) / Use different Fonts in Adsense Ads

Adsense have been experimenting with different types of Fonts in the Google Adsense adsfor the last few months. But the users were not allowed to change the fonts and use them as per their wish. Now there google has presented its adsense publishers an option to change the default fonts……

The default Standard Adsense font family will be applied by default. You can customize each ad unit separately or there is an option called Ad Display Preferences (seen under fonts) which allows you to apply one setting to all the ad units you are using in your website.

To change the fonts in Google Adsense ads : Go to Adsense Setup > Manage Ads. Now select the ad unit in which you want to use a different font and save the changes.Presently Adsense have provided only three type of fonts Arial, Times and Verdana.
Changing the fonts will make the Adsense ads get blend more with your website content.

Testing Different Adsense Ad Formats at Same Location by Displaying Them Randomly

  • Create Two Custom Adsense Channels. Name them accordingly as per your needs. In this case its 728 x 90 and 468 x 60 but you can use any other formats too like 336 x 280 and 300 x 250 and so on.
  • Now you need to setup the ad formats similarly. What i meant is, when the final code is obtained only google_ad_channel, google_ad_width, google_ad_height and google_ad_format should only be the variables. Every thing else like Title, Color, Font etc should be same, now that would be more logical to test between the two formats simultaneously. However, its not mandatory that you should only use similar looks for the two formats.

Part-Time Online Jobs For Students: Things To Keep In Mind

If you are a student and you are looking for part-time online jobs for students that you can work on during your free time, then there are lots of part-time jobs that you can find in different sites on the internet. There are a few factors that you need to consider first, though. First off, you need to see to it that you can still study well and your work will not affect your studies. As you know, there are some students that neglect their studies once they have already started earning money upon working online.

Always keep in mind that education is the key for you to become more successful in life and help you find high salary jobs. As you pursue your studies, you also learn new things that you may apply to your job. So, make sure that the job that you will be getting will not affect your studies. There are lots of easy jobs that you can find. For example, selling products online or promoting products. These jobs also do not really require a student to be very intelligent or skillful. They also do not eat a lot of time as they can be done only within hours. All you need to do is to keep track of the products that you are promoting or selling.
One of the many part-time online jobs for students that can help students with their studies is a research study assistant. In this kind of job, students are asked to do research about certain topics. Through this, students will learn new things every time they do the research. This will really enhance their knowledge and will help them with regards to their studies. If you are a student who has the passion for art, then you can also get jobs such as a web designer. Through this, you can enhance your skills with regards to artistic designs and creativity.

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When looking for part-time online jobs for students, you should see to it that you only get those jobs that are suitable for your skills and knowledge. Experience is a must when it comes to job hunting. And, since there are lots of experienced, unemployed, and hardworking individuals who try their luck working for online jobs, you should also try your best to compete with these people. With the constant increase in the number of individuals who are working from home doing online jobs, one thing is for sure; there is a tight competition between online workers. So, make sure to use all your advantages in order to stay on the top of the competition.

Top 10 AdSense Don’ts

If you don’t play by the rules, you may get a warning, you may get suspended, or you may just get banned.
1. Commit Google Don’ts
The first thing to avoid is any of the Google Don’ts. Cloaking, keyword stuffing, and title stacking are all ways to get banned from Google searches. They’re also ways to get banned from AdSense.
When you place AdSense ads on your site, your site is far more visible to Google and it’s much more likely that your rule breaking will be caught.
2. Click on Your Own Ads
No matter how tempting, never ever click on your own ads. This is probably the easiest way to get your site suspended or banned. It’s a form of click fraud, and Google is very good at catching this, even if you think you’re hiding your tracks.
Don’t let anyone who uses any computer in your home click on your ads, either. Make sure your significant others and children are aware of the rules, or you could jeopardize your standing with Google.